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Latest Data Science Terms

Particle Filters

Particle Filters is a simulation technique for tracking moving target distributions and for reducing the computational burden of a dynamic Bayesian analysis.

Partial Residual Plot

Partial Residual Plot is a useful diagnostic tool in multiple regression. It is particularly for assessing whether a non linear term in one

Partial Questionnaire Design

Partial Questionnaire Design is a procedure used in studies in epidemiology as an alternative to a lengthy questionnaire which can result in

Partial likelihood

Partial likelihood is a product of conditional likelihoods, used in certain situations for estimation and hypothesis testing. The basis of estimation in

Partial Correlation

Partial Correlation is the correlation between a pair of variables after adjusting for the effect of a third.

Partial Autocorrelation

Partial Autocorrelation is a measure of the correlation between the observations a particular number of time units apart in a time series,

Parsimony Principle

Parsimony Principle is the general principle that among competing models, all of which provide an adequate fit for a set of data,

Parking lot Test

A test for assessing the quality of random number generators.

Pareto Plot

A bar chart with the bars ordered according to decreasing frequency enhanced by a line joining points above each bar giving the

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