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The future of work demands adaptability and a commitment to continuous learning. Embrace technological advancements and hone soft skills for career resilience.

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By using most of the modelling functions required to develop and implement machine learning models, automated learning enables business users to apply

One of the most overlooked aspects when starting to learn data science is which laptop to choose. This is a major choice

In today’s world, Data Science has become a buzzing keyword and many large enterprises and industry leaders are shifting their focus towards

Latest Data Science Terms

Parametric Methods

Procedures for testing hypotheses about parameters in a population described by a specified distributional form, often, a normal distribution. Student’s t test

Parametric Hypothesis

A hypothesis concerning the parameter(s) of a distribution. For example, the hypothesis that the mean of a population equals the mean of

Parallel Distributed Processing

Information processing involving a large number of units working contemporaneously in parallel with units, like the neurons of the brain, exciting or inhibiting

Parallel Coordinate Plots

A simple but powerful technique for obtaining a graphical display of multivariate data. In this plot, the variable axes are arranged horizontally,

Panel Study

A study in which a group of people, the ‘panel’, are interviewed or surveyed with respect to some topic of interest on

Paired Samples

Two samples of observations with the characteristic feature that each observation in one sample has one and only one matching observation in

Paired Bernoulli Data

Data arising when an investigator records whether a particular character istic is present or absent at two sites on the same individual.

Paired Availability Design

A design which can reduce selection bias in situations where it is not possible to use random allocation of subjects to treatments.

Overparameterized Model

A model with more parameters than observations for estimation.