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Latest Data Science Terms

Open label Study

An investigation in which patient, investigator and peripheral staff are all aware of what treatment the patient is receiving.

One-step Method

A procedure for obtaining a pooled estimate of an odds ratio from a set of two by two contingency tables. Not recommended

One-sided Test

A significance test for which the alternative hypothesis is directional; for example, that one population mean is greater than another. The choice

One:m (1:m) Matching

A form of matching often used when control subjects are more readily obtained than cases. A number, m (m > 1), of

One-bend Transformation

A power family of transformations, 𝑦 𝑥𝑘, that provides a useful approach to ‘straightening’ a single bend in the relationship between two

O.J.Simpson Paradox

A term arising from a claim made by the defence lawyer in the murder trial of O. J. Simpson. The lawyer stated


A term often applied to the graphs of cumulative frequency distributions. Essentially synonymous with sigmoid, which is to be preferred.


A term used in generalized linear models to indicate a known regression coefficient that is to be included in a model, i.e.


The ratio of the probabilities of the two possible states of a binary variable.

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