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Dynamic Modeling and Analysis

Dynamic Population Modeling

Dynamic population modeling is the process of developing mathematical models that can be used to measure, simulate and predict the dynamics of a given population. It is a powerful tool for understanding how populations change over time and in response to external factors such as environmental conditions, resource availability, and human activity. Dynamic population modeling […]

Dynamic Graphics

Dynamic graphics, also referred to as data visualization, is a type of computer-generated graphic whose visual representation is derived from data that can change over time. This method of visualizing information makes it possible to quickly identify trends and patterns in large datasets. It allows for the exploration of complex relationships between different variables and […]

DIP Test

A DIP test is a type of assessment used to measure the presence of multimodality in a sample. Multimodality refers to the use of multiple modes of expression, such as written language, visuals, and audio in a single presentation. The DIP test was developed by psychologist A.F. Osgood in 1962 and has been used as […]

Chow Test

The Chow test, also known as the Chow-Feuer test, is a statistical test used to examine whether there is a significant difference in the coefficients of two different linear models or sub-models. This test can be used to compare the performance of two or more different linear models with one another.  Working of Chow Test […]