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Data Visualization

What Is Data Visualization? Unveil Insights with Examples

Understanding complex data can be challenging, but data visualization simplifies this by converting vast quantities of numbers into visual objects. By doing so, it allows for better pattern recognition, trend spotting, and data-driven decisions both in business and in scientific research.Visually compelling reports help stakeholders and decision-makers grasp subtle insights at a glance. As the […]


A Cartogram is a type of data visualization that uses graphical maps to represent statistical information. It is typically used to represent numerical information such as population density or other variables across a geographical area. Unlike traditional maps, a cartogram does not simply show geographic features such as rivers and cities, but instead uses the […]

Arithmetic Growth

Arithmetic growth, also known as linear growth, refers to an increase in quantity that follows a consistent pattern over a period of time. In this type of growth, the amount of increase in each interval is constant. For example, if a company’s sales increased by $10,000 every month for a year, the company is experiencing […]