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Month: August 2022

Intention-To-Treat Analysis

A procedure in which all patients randomly allocated to a treatment in a clinical trial are analyzed together as representing that treatment, whether or not they completed, or even received it. Here the initial random allocation not only decides the allocated treatment, it decides there and then how the patient’s data will be analyzed, whether […]

Informative Censoring

Censored observations that occur for reasons related to treatment, for example, when treatment is withdrawn as a result of a deterioration in the physical condition of a patient. This form of censoring makes most of the techniques for the analysis of survival times, for example, strictly invalid.

Influential Observation

An observation that has a disproportionate influence on one or more aspects of the estimate of a parameter, in particular, regression coefficients. This influence may be due to differences from other subjects on the explanatory variables, an extreme value for the response variable, or a combination of these.

Influence Statistics

A range of statistics designed to assess the effect or influence of an observation in determining the results of a regression analysis. The general approach adopted is to examine the changes that occur in the regression coefficients when the observation is omitted.

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