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Automated Machine Learning Tools

By using most of the modelling functions required to develop and implement machine learning models, automated learning enables business users to apply machine learning solutions more easily.


By using most of the modelling functions required to develop and implement machine learning models, automated learning enables business users to apply machine learning solutions more easily, thus allowing organizational data scientists to focus on more complex problems. These tools, also known as AutoML[1] tools, improve the monitored, predictable learning algorithms of a given database machine. Many AutoML tools are designed to work with structured table data, such as a data table.

In 1959, Arthur Samuel[2] described machine learning as a computer-assisted reading ability. By doing this, this means finding an algorithm rather than extracting patterns from an existing data set and then using these patterns to create a predictive model that will effectively optimize new data. Since then, a wide range of machine learning has been developed, giving scientists and engineers a wide range of options, and helping them build amazing applications.

Some of the companies that offer these tools are as follows.

  • DataRobot
  • Amazon Sagemaker
  • Google AutoML


DataRobot developed automated learning that was a completely new category of software as a result. They have invested more than 1.4 million hours of innovative engineering and scientific practices in this market-leading product. Here, the Automated Machine Learning product supports all the steps needed to prepare, build, deploy, monitor, and maintain powerful AI applications on a business scale. DataRobot provides fully descriptive learning tools using visual interpersonal comprehension and automated model documentation with plans that describe each step of the modeling process and the algorithms used. You can test any model using our Lift Chart[3], ROC Curve[4], Confusion Matrix[5], and more.

Amazon Sagemaker

Speaking of Amazon Sagemaker, it uses a single API call or a few clicks in Amazon SageMaker Studio. SageMaker Autopilot starts by checking your dataset and then uses the number of participants to find the right combination of pre-processing data steps, machine learning algorithms, and hyperparameters. After that, it uses this combination to train the Inference Pipeline, which you can easily use either in real-time storage or in batch use. As is often the case with Amazon SageMaker, all of this happens on a fully managed platform.

Google AutoML

This tool empowers engineers with limited mechanical experience to train high-quality models tailored to the needs of their business. Google AutoML is chosen by a wide range of people as it enhances data from your data with Google Cloud machine learning capabilities and advanced analytics capabilities. It works in a clean cloud in the industry. The electricity used to launch Google Cloud products and services is aligned with 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Google Cloud protects your data, applications, infrastructure, and customers from fraud, spam, and harassment with the same infrastructure and security services used by Google. Google Cloud network, data storage, and computer services offer encryption of data, encryption at leisure, travel, and use. Advanced security tools support privacy and data security.


Automated machine learning tools enhance the productivity of data professionals by performing any repetitive tasks related to ML and help them focus on other issues. They also minimize human errors in ML models that occur mainly due to manual actions. They can make machine learning accessible to all users, thereby improving the power-sharing process.

Technology is maturing and business organizations can use it to their advantage in the following ways:

  • Real-time Business Decision Making.
  • Finishing Handicrafts.
  • Improving network security and performance.
  • Developed Models and Businesses.
  • Reducing Operating Costs.

Therefore, it is time to start thinking about it and how it can simplify the work of data scientist. It will save you a lot of time in predicting the best algorithm and problem-solving parameters.

[1] Automated machine learning (AutoML) is a method that automates the application of machine learning (ML) models to real-world situations.

[2] Arthur Lee Samuel was a founder in the fields of computer games and AI in the United States of America. In 1959, he introduced the term “machine learning.”

[3] A lift chart visualises the progress that a mining model makes when compared to a random guess and quantifies the improvement in terms of a lift score.

[4] A receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC curve) is a graph that depicts a classification model’s performance across all categorization thresholds.

[5] It is a special type of table arrangement that enables visualisation of an algorithm’s performance, often a supervised learning algorithm.

Automated Machine Learning Tools

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