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We are far from the age when people used to pursue medicine and engineering as their fields. As the world progresses, there

Regarding careers, the most popular jobs right now are data sciences and artificial intelligence. In this article, we will discuss Data Sciences

By using most of the modelling functions required to develop and implement machine learning models, automated learning enables business users to apply

One of the most overlooked aspects when starting to learn data science is which laptop to choose. This is a major choice

In today’s world, Data Science has become a buzzing keyword and many large enterprises and industry leaders are shifting their focus towards

Latest Data Science Terms

Dynamic Population Modeling

Dynamic population modeling is the process of developing mathematical models that can be used to measure, simulate and predict the dynamics of

Dynamic Panel Data Model

Dynamic panel data models are a subset of econometric models that examine the relationship between time-dependent variables and cross-sectional units. These models

Dynamic Graphics

Dynamic graphics, also referred to as data visualization, is a type of computer-generated graphic whose visual representation is derived from data that

Dynamic Allocation Indices

Dynamic allocation indices are a type of financial index that provide an opportunity for investors to actively adjust the level of risk

Ecological Fallacy

The Ecological Fallacy is a phenomenon that occurs when a researcher draws conclusions based on aggregate data, rather than individual-level information. This

Eberhardt’s Statistic

Eberhardt’s statistic is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. It was first introduced in 1997 by Professor

Dual System Estimates

Dual system estimates are a type of cost-benefit analysis used to assess the value of different decision options by comparing their costs


Dropout is a regularization technique used in machine learning and deep learning to reduce overfitting. It works by randomly dropping neurons from


Dispersion, also known as variance, scatter or dispersion, is a measure of the spread of a dataset around its mean or average.

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