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A term applied to studies involving matching when the matching variable is strongly related to exposure but not to disease risk. Such

Overfitted Models

Models that contain more unknown parameters than can be justified by the data.


The phenomenon that arises when empirical variance in the data exceeds the nominal variance under some assumed model. Most often encountered when

Outside Observation

An observation falling outside the limits                                 

Outcomes Research

A multidisciplinary field of study that seeks to understand and improve the end results of particular health care practices and interventions.

Orthogonal Polynomials

Two polynomials p i (x) and p j (x) of degree i and j respectively are said to be orthogonal if they

Orthogonal Matrix

A square matrix that is such that multiplying the matrix by its transpose results in an identity matrix.


A term that occurs in several areas of statistics with different meanings in each case. Most commonly encountered in relation to two

Orthant Probability

The probability that n random variables X1, X2, . . ., Xn are all positive when the n variates have a joint